Italian beauty and elegance from 200 years.

Welcome in the magical world of Castello di Urio, Italian beauty and elegance from 200 years.


The construction of Castello di Urio dates back to ancient times: in the eighteenth century, a noble Italian family decided to build a residence near the lakeshore where they could spend peaceful and harmonious days.

During these 200 years, the castle hosted numerous renowned Italian personalities, including the King of Sardinia Carlo Alberto and the King of Italy Vittorio Emanuele II. Back in the days, the castle was a meeting point for worldly parties and light-hearted moments.

Still today, the castle has preserved its splendour, and it is the ideal place for those who dream a refined and elegant wedding, for whoever wants to live their big day as a true protagonist. Located just a short distance from Milan, in the background of Lake Como, it is waiting for you, to make you feel like the king and queen of your special event.

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Spaces and capacity

Castello di Urio is an eighteenth-century building that can be reached via lake through the dock. A breathtaking and fascinating location, it will host your wedding reception in its blooming Italian-style garden. The façade is framed by two 200-year-old magnolias, that act as a curtain; the interiors are refined and the halls decorated with tapestries will take you back to an atmosphere from another time, giving your reception a nice touch.

Offered services

A team of professionals of the sector will direct your wedding: from the very first meeting to the day of the event, they will do their best to offer the best solutions concerning the staging, flower decorations, catering, photoshoots, graphics, entertainment, spouses and guests reception and the boat rental service for the arrival of the newlyweds.

Catering service

The cuisine at Castello di Urio is refined as well. Its internal catering service cooks Italian and international delicacies, that allow spouses and guests to live a high-quality experience.


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