6 November 2023

Welcome to the world of Sustainability in Events

Certification of Extended Social Impact

Promoest is dedicated to turning every occasion into an unforgettable experience that generates well-being for all stakeholders involved, promoting the goal of environmental and social sustainability. For years, it has been working daily to achieve sustainability goals and provide products and services that create socio-environmental value. A key element of our sustainability pledge is our ability to certify events through an in-depth analysis of the extended social impact of the activities carried out during the event. Each client receives a comprehensive sustainability report that reflects a tangible commitment to generating a positive impact on the community and surrounding environment.

Our commitment to sustainability and social-environmental value is realized through our team of highly qualified experts who make up the “Social Impact Event LAB.” This innovation lab applies Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles to the organization and promotion of sustainable events. We also calculate S-Roi (Social Return on Investment) to ensure that each event generates value in terms of environmental and social sustainability. While we often talk about sustainability in environmental terms, it is crucial to consider the social and economic implications as well. Our approach to organizing events goes beyond respecting the environment and considers the economic and social impact of each initiative. The analysis of economic, social and environmental impact is the basis of the S-Roi calculation and allows us to assess how sustainable an event really is.

Social Return on Investment (S-Roi) is a key indicator that measures the sustainable success of an event. In short, the S-Roi reflects optimizing positive impact and reducing negative impact during all phases of the event life cycle. This means that we do not just look at the event itself, but evaluate its impact from beginning to end.

We offer consulting services specializing in the quantitative and qualitative assessment of the economic, social and environmental impact of each stage of the organization, management and implementation of events and conferences. By calculating the Social Return on Investment KPI, we provide our clients with a comprehensive understanding of the sustainable impact of their events.

Our Commitment in Action: ISCB44 Congress Focused on Zero Impact.

We want to share with you a tangible example of our commitment to sustainability. In August 2023, we organized a congress, named ISCB44, which marked a milestone in our mission toward organizing sustainable events. This congress was designed with the goal of zero impact. It, in fact, was not just an event, but an experience that put social and environmental sustainability at the forefront. We wanted to show that it is possible to organize high-quality events that not only respect the environment but actively promote positive change in society.

A key element of this congress was the use of environmentally sustainable and fully compostable catering supplies. Every detail, from tableware to glasses, has been carefully selected to minimize environmental impact. All conference materials were also produced with an eye toward sustainability. The congressional bags, from “CUAMM – Doctors with Africa,” were made from entirely reused materials; the pens and notebooks were composed of eco-friendly materials, ensuring that even the smallest items were in line with our commitment to sustainability.

We have therefore achieved an important recognition in the field of corporate sustainability: the ISO 20121:2012 certification, which attests to an organization’s commitment to adopting sustainable and responsible practices. It was officially awarded to Promoest Srl with certificate number 3915296.

ISO 20121:2012 is an international standard that establishes requirements for a sustainable event management system. This certification is globally recognized and demonstrates an organization’s commitment to integrate sustainability into all phases of event planning and execution. Ourzero impact congress was just the beginning of an ongoing journey toward increasingly sustainable and socially responsible events. We are committed to sharing our experiences and knowledge with our clients and guiding them on the path of sustainability in events.

As well as the ISCB44 congress, many other sustainable events have been organized, such as the one for the Fincantieri company, totally paper free, using compostable materials.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to environmental and social sustainability in events is deep and ever-evolving. We believe that each initiative can bring value not only to our customers but also to society as a whole. We are proud of the work we do to create a better future through the organization of sustainable events.

If you are interested in organizing events with a sustainable footprint or would like to learn more about our work in social sustainability, please contact us.