14 November 2023

World Business Forum and Promoest united for 20th Anniversary

World Business Forum

Promoest's Specialization in Providing Hostess and Interpreting Services makes its way to the World Business Forum for the second consecutive year

The World Business Forum, now in its 20th anniversary year, is preparing to host a pool of
participants and prominent speakers from around the world at the Allianz Mico in Milan on November 15 and 16, 2023.

In the business world, where connections and relationships are crucial, having a reliable partner to ensure flawless hospitality becomes crucial. Promoest, a company that also specializes in providing hostess and interpreting services, is preparing to shine as a support and collaborator in this globally resonant event.

The winning contribution: industry experience!

With extensive experience in the industry, our company provides World Business Leaders with about 50 highly qualified hostesses and stewards. The presence of such a professional team not only adds a touch of elegance to the event, but also results in essential support to ensure that it runs smoothly.

We ourselves are known to be a company known for its dedication to offering high-quality communication services, ensuring that participants can communicate effectively and impactfully during the event.

Considering the cultural and linguistic diversity of the guests attending the World Business Forum, we will provide high-quality interpreting services. Specialized interpreters from the company will ensure that communication will be smooth allowing for open and inclusive dialogue among participants from different parts of the world.

An indispensable partner

Our company is confirmed not only as an indispensable partner but also as a leading player in
relief. In addition to providing top-notch hostess and steward services, Promoest further distinguishes itself by announcing its presence with a booth, positioning itself among the prestigious exhibitors at Wobi.

Promoest’s participation as an exhibitor at Wobi not only confirms its position as a leader in the hospitality industry, but also underscores its ongoing commitment to offering comprehensive and transparent service. Its booth becomes a tangible manifestation of professionalism, expertise and attention to detail, values that are reflected in every aspect of the company.

Our invitation

Promoest invites you to share this unique experience with us. Get your ticket now and get ready for an extraordinary experience at World Business Leaders. See you at Allianz MiCo, ready to make meaningful connections and be an integral part of this unforgettable moment in the world of international business.