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Customized support for your global growth

With our internationalization project in Saudi Arabia, we act as a reference point for the expansion of Italian and European companies in the local market.

We offer tailored support to meet the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities of this dynamic environment.

Our goal is to accompany you to global success by providing specialized services for trade shows, events, and other business ventures in Saudi Arabia.

What we offer

Logistics consulting

Assist with event logistics, including shipping, booth set-up, and materials management

Translation and interpreting services

Provide translators to assist during meetings and presentations

Consulting on joint ventures

Offer advice on forming joint ventures with local partners

Conformity assessment

We help companies ensure that their products comply with Saudi regulations

Complaint handling support

Assistance in resolving problems with Saudi Arabian customers

Specialized legal advice

Providing specialized legal advice for specific business needs in the Saudi market

Qualified hostesses

Provide Hostesses according to the specifications requested by customers

Catering and hospitality services

Coordinate catering and hospitality services for business meetings
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