Promoest is an international company with two main activities  with more than 40 years of experience and a long history with International customers.

1) Translations for Companies

2) Events and Congresses Management: our close-knit team is always available to satisfy any desire of our customers.

Promoest operates in three branches: Genoa, where we were born in 1991, Milan since 1996 and Shanghai since 2004. Thanks to our three offices, we manage to work on a national and international level.

To keep up with the growing demands of the market, Promoest is an ISO 9001- certified company for the organization of events and congresses. Moreover, thanks to SieLab (Social Impact Event Lab), we are able to measure the social, economic and environmental impact of events.


Below there are Promoest’s mission and vision, which guide its daily activities and identify its values.

MISSION: we take care with passion and creativity of all the aspects related to the event in collaboration with the client to meet all their needs.
VISION: we want to become leaders in the creation of sustainable events from an economic, social and environmental point of view, while maintaining a high level of Quality and Inclusion.

Read our Quality Policy.


  • Integrity: lawfulness, correctness, honesty, fairness and impartiality of behavior inside and outside the company constitute a common way of feeling and acting. 
  • Transparency: to provide all its stakeholders, in a clear, complete and timely manner, information about the actions carried out at all levels of the company.
  • Personal Liability: we establish a relationship of trust with our colleagues and, more generally, with all stakeholders. It is considered essential that you commit yourself loyally and effectively to achieving the company’s objectives, while being aware of your duties and responsibilities. 
  • Loyalty and Fairness: we observe the principles of loyalty and fairness towards all entities, both public and private, with whom we enter into relations, be they customers, suppliers, collaborators or third parties.
  • Equality and Sustainability:  we pay great attention to the concept of
    sustainability from all points of view: economic, social and environmental.


Which are the services we offer that make us different from our competitors? Let’s try to summarize them below.

We organize events and congresses with the aim of always guaranteeing the highest quality to our clients. In fact, we build relationships with institutional clients, international companies, public administrations and Italian and foreign SMEs in order to design:


  • Corporate events
  • Institutional events
  • Academic and scientific congresses
  • Incentive trips, training and team building

We have undertaken a policy of sustainability, with the ISO 20121 certification, in order to become leaders in providing services that meet all the objectives of economic, social and environmental sustainability, while maintaining high quality.
Moreover, Promoest has adopted a Code of Ethics in order to ensure total transparency to whoever comes into contact with us.

Read our Code of Ethics.


Via G.B. Moroni 33, 20146 Milan


(+39) 02 43912468


Via A. Casotti, 15/2 – 16167 Genoa 


(+39) 010 5702228

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