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Eventspass is an easy and fast accreditation management system for events and congresses. It allows you to manage accreditation through a digital and automated infrastructure that works through QR code technology.

Main functionalities

Eventspass adapts to any type of need and situation: from small events to large congresses with over 1000 participants. What’s more, with this software you can carry out access control, attendance recording and even accreditation management, replacing outdated paper lists.

Finally, through this system it is possible to enter or make changes to the names of participants up to a few hours before the event, as well as have real-time feedback on attendance and, once the event is over, receive all the data and insights on participation.

The software you don’t expect!

Eventspass is a management system that will change the way you credit your guests in an amazing way! Customisable according to your needs! 

Promoest is the owner of this software that comes from 30 years of experience in managing events, conferences and accreditation services of all kinds and sizes.


Web-app interface

A web-app that is easy, fast and compatible with all phones.

Tickets are sent by e-mail

Sending of tickets to participants and verification of receipt of invitation.

Fast Check-in

Fast and easy digital check-in and access control via qr code.

On-Site badge printing

Graphic layout of the badge can be customised according to customer requirements.

On-site analysis

Attendance recording and access control. Verification of each participant’s presence in the room.

Post event final list

Complete list of participants already a few hours after the end of the event.


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