Welcome to the magical world of Castello di Urio, a symbol of Italian beauty and elegance for 200 years.

The construction of Castello di Urio dates back to ancient times: in the 18th century, a noble Italian family decided to build a residence near the lake shore where they could spend peaceful and harmonious days.

During these 200 years, the castle has welcomed many illustrious Italian personalities, including the King of Sardinia Carlo Alberto and the King of Italy Vittorio Emanuele II. In those days, the castle was a meeting point for social parties and carefree moments. Even today the castle retains its splendor, and is the ideal place for those who dream of a refined and elegant wedding, for those who want to live their big day as a true protagonist.

Located a short distance from Milan, with the background of Lake Como, Castello di Urio is waiting for you to make you feel the king and queen of your special event.

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The space, obtained from a former industrial area, is internally equipped with bar, kitchen and set up for catering, has an independent control room for video projections and audio broadcasting. Outside has a large courtyard, dehor, flap with service elevator and service places.

Its extensive structure, which can accommodate more than 500 people, and its large windows give brightness and versatility to the projects that are carried out inside. The space is adaptable to the various needs of the organization depending on the type of event.

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Via G.B. Moroni 33, 20146 Milan


(+39) 02 43912468


Via A. Casotti, 15/2 – 16167 Genoa 


(+39) 010 5702228

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