The first edition of the CALPHAD conference dates back to 1973 and since then it developed more and more, becoming a reference event in the applied thermodynamic sector.The conference is addressed to scientists, researchers, physicists, chemists, engineers, geologists, biologists and designers, and deals with the theme of application of the CALPHAD method in the different sectors of reference, offering the unique opportunity to meet and share knowledge, researches and practical experience.The 2015 Edition was held in the charming location of Loano, surrounded by nature, just a few steps away from the Italian Riviera in the province of Savona, welcoming more than 250 participants from all around the world, beyond the technical and organisational staff.It is impossible not to mention the award ceremony during the Gala Dinner by ANSALDO Energia, as a representative Italian company of the industrial application of the Calphad method.Promoest SRL played the role of the Administrative Office, taking charge firstly of the gathering of quotas and invoicing, hotel reservations, sponsors management, assistance, support and welcoming of delegates, and then all the organisational, administrative and management aspects for the conference to succeed. The main goal is to create the most favourable atmosphere for productivity and the good development of each part of the great success of CALPHAD 2015.