The Christmas Aperidinner for Metinvest at MOG in Genoa

On December 10 th , Metinvest Trametal organized, with the support and coordination of Promoest, its Christmas corporate dinner: the Xmas Aperidinner. On this occasion Promoest created a Christmas-themed quiz using the Kahoot app.

The participants, unaware of the surprises game, took part in the quiz divided into teams in two different rooms, each represented by a typical Christmas symbol, i.e. Santa’s hats, reindeer, snowflakes. Each team had to answer 13 questions, all different, from the simplest to the most complex. At the end of the first part of the quiz, two teams – one from each room – won the first step.

Finally, a moment of pause after the excitement of the first part of the evening… and after the first dishes, the two winning teams challenged each other by answering 4 more questions, which were designed to be more difficult and complex but still related to curiosities or little-known facts.

The final prize, sought after by all participants, was a voucher to spend at the MOG – Mercato Orientale in Genoa.

The MOG restaurant is run by starred Chef Ivano Ricchebono who accompanies diners in a cuisine that brings out the typical Genoese flavors of tradition revisited in a modern key. And on this occasion he made the quiz lighter for the participants, leaving everyone satisfied, even those who did not bring home the victory of the challenge.


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