Since it was funded in 1991, Promoest has been a leader in Italy in the provision of professional translation services thanks to the work and strong experience of its team of more than 400 professionals. We operate on a daily basis from our two Italian offices in Milan and Genoa, and our Chinese office in Shanghai, one of the world’s main hubs of economic development.

Always up to date with the latest technological innovations, we have implemented the use of Machine Translation tools in order to reduce costs and processing times of certain types of texts.

Traduzioni e interpreti Promoest

With the aim of increasingly optimizing communication at an international level, we have gained consolidated and proven experience in managing translation projects in all sectors of the business industry and in more than 50 different languages.


  • European: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Greek;
  • Scandinavian: Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish;
  • Eastern Europe: Russian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Bulgarian,
    Romanian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovenian and Albanian;
  • Baltic: Lithuanian, Estonian, and Latvian;
  • Middle Eastern: Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew and Turkish;
  • Asian: Chinese, Japanese and Korean;
  • Rare languages.


As members of Elia and Federlingue, we apply the Code of Self-Discipline for the language services sector drawn up by Federlingue with the Chamber of Commerce. In addition, we benefit from the know-how of university lecturers, interpreting schools and our translators (members of AITI and ANITI) have more than five years’; experience and have obtained the highest language certifications.

Promoest provides translation services in the most important sectors, such as:

  • Financial;
  • Legal;
  • Marketing;
  • Publishing;
  • IT-Telecommunications;
  • Business;
  • Fashion;
  • Machine Translation & Machine Translation Post-Editing.

Our mission is to provide high value-added translation services for any type of corporate content in foreign languages, guaranteeing timeliness, quality, speed and confidentiality.


We adopt a UNI ISO 9001/2015 Quality System and the UNI EN ISO 17100/2017 standard, specific to the translation sector. In particular, no product or service is delivered to the client without having passed all the Quality Assurance checks required, guaranteeing the client a high standard of quality.
The quality of the final product is also guaranteed by the presence of dedicated Promoest Project Managers, who are the interface between client and agency and coordinate the technical team. Specifically, their role, in addition to
protecting the client and guaranteeing timeliness and punctuality in the delivery of the service, consists in defining the operational paths for the correct delivery of the final product: punctuality, quality, rapidity and confidentiality of the contents are the objectives set by Promoest professionals.
In conclusion, Promoest’s working procedures are in line with the international quality models, specific for this field.

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