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The right opportunity for an impeccable reception

Are you ready to turn any occasion into an extraordinary event? With our hostess services, hospitality becomes an art. Whether it is a conference, trade show, reception or any other type of meeting, our hostesses are ready to provide an impeccable welcome and first-class service.


Courtesy, respect and professionalism of the staff we provide to ensure the success of the event and the satisfaction of your participants.


Willingness and ability to adapt to the required context in best handling the needs of your participants and clients.

Effective communication

Ability to listen carefully to participants' needs and to share relevant information clearly and effectively in multiple languages.

What we offer

Hostess Congressuali ed ECM

Congressional and CME Hostesses

We provide highly professional hostesses with advanced problem-solving skills and high-level language-communication skills.
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Trade Show Hostesses

We guarantee hostesses with communication skills in several languages, experienced in listening and understanding the specific needs of the company they represent.
Modelling - Promoest


We provide that combine elegance and expertise, for a wide range of services, including events, fashion shows and photo shoots.


Highly experienced multilingual interpreters who ensure smooth and accurate communication by providing clarity and precision in the services provided.

We are ready to turn your ideas into reality

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