IC-PTE 2024

The project

The 1st IC-PTE edition was hosted on May 15-18 at the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research in Milan, Italy.

This internationally significant event brought together about 80 people including experts in the field, patients, researchers, physicians and practitioners to discuss and share the latest discoveries and innovations in the field of epilepsy, from America to Asia.

Group Picture - IC-PTE
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The conference

Among the prominent international speakers and moderators, we were privileged to hear from Dr. Laura Lubbers, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of CURE Epilepsy and as a colleague also Dr. Elisa Zanier MD, Head of Department, Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research, Italy.

The first days were devoted to many moments of discussion and exchange of ideas about their own research also trying to involve many students from some universities in Milan who attended the conference days. Then, alternating between various presentations and speeches by some distinguished professors in the field, there were moments for Award Winners from around the world to share their projects and studies on Epilepsy.

The results

In addition to the lecture parts and presentations of projects and innovations, we tried to alternate between a lot of networking and sharing.

In addition, we did not limit ourselves to work, but also enjoyed a wonderful guided tour at the Science Museum in Milan, which was also the setting for the Gala Dinner on the penultimate day of the Conference to greet all participants on the last evening.


Participants from all over the world


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