16 September 2022

The importance of sustainability in events and fairs: why organize a sustainable event?


In recent periods, there have been many steps forward in the field of sustainability by companies in different industries. Likewise, however, we have seen various controversies over the lack of environmental and land protection, especially in the context of organizing events (such as the much-talked-about Giova Beach Party case).

Although there are still some questionable incidents, the trend of companies specializing in the field is to promote sustainability as an added value. Through this way of thinking, it is the customers themselves who profit with official recognition, positive brand image, and improved relations with internal and external stakeholders.

What elements affect the sustainability of an event?

First and foremost, the key element in organizing a sustainable event is knowledge of the venue. Likewise, understanding the needs and expectations of the parties involved in the work plays a very important role. Risk and opportunity analysis can be linked to the promotion of both the area and its actors, and communication should be viewed from the perspective of less waste with socially responsible supply chain management.

Less cost more sustainability

The importance of sustainability in events and fairs is comparable to the positive impact it has on the costs of the same. The more environmentally conscious an event is, the lower the costs (especially in areas such as energy conservation, transportation, and materials production). With this in mind, waste is reduced and sponsorships and concessions are more likely to be forthcoming.

Promoest- Sostenibilità

Tips for organizing a sustainable event in 2022

Promoest has been engaged in the battle against waste for years: that is why the distribution of useful information via QR codes is preferred at any event. For this reason, Eventspass, a digital accreditation system was created to keep track of entry to any area, event, trade show and congress to replace the classic paper ticket.

In addition, Promoest is also careful in choosing catering services that offer fresh, zero-mile products and adhere to programs to donate leftovers to the most needy to fight against food waste (one of the most common problems in the event industry). Among the most widely used is the Food for Good initiative.

Gadgets are essential when it comes to an event both as publicity but more importantly to leave a memory of the moment experienced. Promoest in a green perspective promotes the use of eco-sustainable, useful and, above all, non-disposable items such as, for example, graphite pencils with seeds inside that can be planted or food boxes of typical products for the promotion of our territory.