12 April 2022

Shipping 4.0: the challenges and milestones of 2022

We started a four-issue journey in 2021, Shipping 4.0 continues at high speed by sailing through five more stages during 2022.

The project conceived, organized, communicated and promoted by Promoest Convention & Events with a view to “dissemination” does not stop: the shipping and logistics sector from the perspective of Industry 4.0 is still undiscovered and constantly evolving. The year 2021 was the birth and launch year, full of remarkable insights, meetings and discussion tables. We are only at the beginning! As evidence of this, 2022 promises to be resourceful: let’s find out the milestones and challenges!

The stages

There will be five fascinating stages in 2022, two of which have already taken place. The first on March 25 at Palazzo Colonna, wonderful headquarters of Confitarma, with the title, “Shipping 4.0: RoMare- Rome: capital of a maritime country?” One of the focal topics covered by the approximately 60 speakers involved was Rome’s role as the capital of the Blue Economy. The event was attended by about 250 people, including those present and those connected remotely. There was no shortage of speeches by ministers and parliamentarians in what could be described as a very institutional edition. The second edition of 2022 as well as the sixth of the entire project was held over two days, April 8 and 9, at the Genova Blu District and on the MSC Seaside ship-the sea was not missed here! The approximately 80 speakers divided into 7 panel discussions discussed topics related to “New frontier in Shipping industry.” The next stages will be in Milan on June 21, the surprising key role of the Lombard capital in this sector will be explored; in Palermo on September 16, dedicated to “Connections between the Ports of Mediterranean Sea and Africa”; and finally, the striking “Shipping 4.0 ship” will land on October 14 in Brussels in the prestigious seat of the European Parliament, as the icing on the cake of a fantastic year.

The goals

Innovation, education, technology, digital transformation, cybersecurity, sustainable future and energy transition-these are the words at the heart of Shipping 4.0. The goal is to continue the path taken last year, promoting initiatives, ideas and insights to improve the technological know-how and governance of this supply chain. This year, however, there will be a greater focus on the relationship with Europe, with the intention of having of a broader and increasingly strategic vision. It is no coincidence that the European Parliament decided to support the project.

There are so many ideas, so much meat on the fire, and so many challenges that can be taken up. The hope is that this year will help give importance to the sector and who knows, help introduce a ministry of the sea in Italy.