Bocconi Counselor Fly-in 2024

The Project

The Bocconi Counselor 2024 event brought together 40 Counselors from universities around the world, offering them a full immersion in the universe of Bocconi University of Milan. These professionals had the opportunity to explore one of Europe’s most prestigious academic institutions, discovering its programs, infrastructure and exceptional study environment.

Bocconi Counselr Fly-in 2024
Bocconi Counselor fly-in 2024 - Event

The services offered

The Counselors’ stay was arranged for two nights in one of the most vibrant and
fascinating Italy, Milan. Promoest played a crucial role in logistics management
of the event, handling hotel booking services and flight planning for all 40 participants. Thanks to this service, Counselors have been able to travel and stay worry-free, allowing them to focus fully
On the experience offered by Bocconi University.

During their stay, the participants were able to experience a
cultural and gastronomic unforgettable thanks to the skillful organization of Promoest.
Two exclusive dinners were the culmination of the intense days full of
Activities within the Bocconi campus.

Cena Don Lisander - Bocconi 2024
Cena Cascina Cuccagna - Bocconi 2024

Social events

The first evening was held at Cascina Cuccagna, a historic urban farmhouse that combines the rustic charm of traditional Italian farming with a cozy and convivial atmosphere. Guests were able to enjoy local cuisine prepared with
fresh, seasonal ingredients, immersing themselves in the authenticity of Milanese culinary culture.

The second dinner, hosted at the prestigious Don Lisander Restaurant, offered an experience
high-end gastronomy in the heart of Milan. With cuisine that celebrates the Lombard tradition reinterpreted with a modern twist, the restaurant enchanted the Counselors with refined dishes and impeccable service in an elegant setting steeped in history.

In addition to the culinary aspects, the event included tours of the Bocconi campus, information sessions on academic programs and meetings with faculty and students. A particularly striking moment was the guided tour on the terraces of Milan Cathedral, where participants were treated to a breathtaking view of the city and
Learn about the history of this iconic monument.

The results

Participants had the opportunity to discuss future collaborations and explore
the potential offered by an education at Bocconi, strengthening international ties and promoting global educational excellence.

In summary, the Bocconi Counselor 2024 event was a success, offering participants
an unforgettable experience that combined academic exploration, local culture and
quality gastronomy.