Fincantieri – Supplier Summit


An epic celebration took place on Oct. 17, 2023, when Fincantieri Spa, Europe’s leading shipping giant, honored the excellence of its suppliers in an extraordinary event held in the magical atmosphere of the Genoa Aquarium. This unforgettable day was the stage for a half-day Convention, followed by a sumptuous dinner in the Cetacean Pavilion. This event allowed the company to meet over 300 suppliers from all over Italy and abroad, establishing relationships through engaging presentations, interactive surveys and stimulating telematic challenges.

Fincantieri Pact

The journey continues

The event saw the creation of an unprecedented structure, specially designed and certified for the occasion, featuring three impressive ledwall walls and an interior door used by all speakers. This innovative environment provided the perfect stage for dynamic and engaging presentations. The setting helped create a collaborative atmosphere by celebrating the commitment and excellence of the suppliers who have contributed to the success of Fincantieri Spa.

From start to finish, the event captivated those in attendance, offering not only a unique networking opportunity but also an exchange of ideas. In addition, there was no shortage of time to recognize and reward the important contribution of suppliers to the mission and vision of Fincantieri Spa. 

This celebration marked a new chapter in the history of collaboration between Fincantieri Spa and its valued partners. Keyword: strengthening the bond between the company and the supplier network that supports it on its path to continued success and leadership in the European shipbuilding industry.

Gala Dinner Fincantieri
Fincantieri Audience