Fineco’s AM Plenary

The event

On January 15, Fineco’s AM Plenary, the annual meeting organized by Fineco’s area manager for Lombardy, was held at the Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese.

The main purpose of the meeting was to take stock of achievements and successes in 2023, outline the goals set, highlight those achieved, and present new company initiatives.

Plenaria AM di Fineco

Growth and development

During the session, the valuable support of all managers who have contributed significantly to the company’s growth was acknowledged.

But not only that. A special moment of the plenary was dedicated to awarding employees who celebrated their 10th and 20th anniversaries of employment with the company, thus celebrating their loyalty and dedication.

Numerous projects are planned for 2024: exclusive events, new courses dedicated to training employees to develop their professional skills, personal skills, and much more.

Plenaria AM di Fineco Hostess Promoest
Promoest Museo Alfa ROmeo



Event participants

At the end of the plenary, participants had the opportunity to explore an important part of automotive history during a tour of the Alfa Romeo museum. Among the activities offered was an engaging 4D driving simulation inside a dedicated room.

The event materialized as a time for reflection and planning that concluded a day full of information and sharing with purpose.

A significant organizational contribution was made possible thanks to the cooperation of Promoest and the hostesses present at the event.The presence of qualified staff helped ensure that the event ran smoothly, allowing participants to focus fully on the presentations and activities on offer.