IWCFF 2022 – International Workshop on Constellation and Formation of Flights.


Welcome to the heart of space innovation! The International Workshop on Constellation and Formation of Flights, known as IWCFF 2022, was organized in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano. These four intense days were entirely devoted to the fascinating world of satellites and space constellations. A topical issue that has experienced tremendous growth over the century, although it has remained a niche sector. The conference attracted mainly national participants because of its highly specialized nature.

Castello Sforzesco - IWCFF 2022

The activities

During IWCFF 2022, we explored the frontiers of space innovation and shared valuable knowledge for the future. It was an event that provided an opportunity to learn more about the challenges and opportunities offered by the vast universe of constellations and spaceflight.

Lots of social events organized during these days:

  • Wind Gallery tours: guided tours of the gallery with “live” testing and trials. Unique space devoted to the study of wind flows in Italy.
  • Visits to workshops of conference sponsors
  • Gala Dinner at lake view restaurant in Como – Ristorante Momi.

The restaurant chosen for the Gala Dinner was the icing on the cake, providing the backdrop for the awards to the best paper and the best presentation. Certainly a moment that is unlikely to be forgotten.

Meeting time - IWCFF 2022
Accreditation - IWCFF 2022
Gala dinner IWCFF 2022